How to Consign


    • Children’s clothing in sizes 0-14 and maternity clothing only.
    • All clothing must be clean and in good condition (no holes, stains, pet hair or needing mending) and of recent style. Do not bring in items not meeting these standards! Clothing not meeting these standards will be disposed of at a charge of $5 a bag. Please be considerate and fold clothing neatly, turning clothes right side out and zipping, buttoning, or snapping things up.



  • Spring/Summer consignments are accepted from February – May and Fall/Winter consignments from August – October. Off-season clothing will be put up at ½ price.
  • Prices are set by Cheap Kids. The “rule of thumb” is ¼ the original price if in excellent condition. After items have been on the racks for 3 months, they’re marked ½ price for clearance. It is too time-consuming for me to return unsold items to the consignee, but you are free to take any of your items from the rack at any time – just don’t bring them back for me to resell later! You will receive ½ of the selling price when the items are sold.
  • You may pick up monies due to you at any time that Cheap Kids is open. Checks are sent out about bi-monthly when the amount due is more than $20.
  • We also accept toys, accessories, crib bedding, infant furniture (except cribs, car seats, bathtubs and breast pumps), high chairs, etc. in excellent condition.


No longer accepting any “noisy” electronic toys, with or without batteries! (My sanity is worth more than selling toys!)